Tickeron + Fordel

How Tickeron Is Succeeding With Fordel’s Expertise In Paid Acquisition and Analytics

About Tickeron, Inc.

The world of finance has a reputation for being opaque and confusing, and for many, investing feels more like a gamble than a smart fiscal decision. Tickeron wants to change that mindset.

By integrating cutting-edge, Artificial Intelligence-based analysis alongside a vast repository of financial information and easy access to financial advisors, Tickeron’s goal is to build the ultimate destination for financial information and portfolio management.

It’s not quite as simple as “if you build it, they will come,” so after launching, Tickeron’s next task was to acquire paid users. And we at Fordel Agency had the opportunity to start working with Tickeron at this exciting time.

A perfect match

Fordel specializes in finding out, executing and measuring the things that move businesses forward. This made the opportunity for a partnership with Tickeron so exciting – it was a perfect match for both of us.

Based on the agency’s experience working with clients in a wide variety of industries and with multiple paid acquisition sources, Fordel was able to quickly draft a number of viable solutions for Tickeron to boost its user base.

The speed with which we were able to suggest possible solutions, Tickeron decided to partner with the agency. Within two weeks, Fordel helped Tickeron with the design, iteration and implementation of a fully-customized reporting solution based on Google Analytics.

Work in progress

The solution gave Tickeron access to precise, end-to-end reporting on the performance of its display banner campaign, from the user’s first impression all the way down to site conversions.

Tickeron used the reporting solution to optimize and fine-tune their approach based on the data. In doing so, we were able to help Tickeron understand what was working and what wasn’t, and offer guidance along the way to building brand recognition and positioning the platform well for the future.

Facebook Ads campaigns

Over the following year, we assisted Tickeron with planning and managing paid acquisition strategies on Facebook, AdWords, Quora, Twitter, Outbrain and several other, smaller self-service platforms. Using Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager, the agency’s digital marketing experts also helped Tickeron set up a system to measure in-app conversion points. This allowed Tickeron to identify problem areas that hindered conversion rates and make the necessary adjustments.

E-mail automation

Of course, acquiring customers is only half the battle — the other half is keeping them. Using a tool called customer.io, Fordel designed and helped Tickeron implement and maintain a marketing automation campaign intended to add value to paid users along their customer journey.

Expertise used at Tickeron

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Facebook Ads
  • Twitter Ads
  • E-mail marketing automation

Marketing / tech jargon often being used during this work

  • custom reports
  • measurement protocol
  • remarketing pixel
  • trigger
  • segments
  • supermetrics
  • data layer
  • outbrain

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